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02.10.10 - Auto news updates on hold

Automatic news updates will be put on hold for approximately one month. We apologize for the inconvience.

02.01.10 - Firefox for mobile hits production mode

The first production version of Firefox for Mobile has been released, for Nokia's Maemo operating system.

02.01.10 - Wacom announces Intuos4 Wireless pen tablet

For all you designers out there - but would you really want a wireless tablet?

02.01.10 - Steve Jobs bashes Google, shuns Adobe

Apple's CEO questioned Google's morality and called Adobe "lazy." Jobs also confirmed that Flash won't have a place on Apple devices.

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03.22.10 - Google moves Chinese search to Hong Kong

Google has shut down its Google.cn site and is redirecting users to Google.com.hk

03.22.10 - Amazon takes on Apple, Barnes & Noble w/ Kindle app 4 iPad

Amazon announces that more than 450,000 Kindle books will be available for the iPad when Apple's tablet arrives on April 3

03.22.10 - Apple adds Gift this App option to App Store

More revenue for the apps department - buy an app for a friend

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