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10.26.09 - Mozilla's Raindrop seeks to make e-mail personal again

Rethinking e-mail in the age of Twitter, IM, Skype, Facebook, Google Docs, and e-mail conversations

10.22.09 - SEO - 4 tools for measuring your keyword strength

Keywords are the basic building blocks of SEO. Use these tools to check their viability and value.

10.22.09 - New Study: 19% of U.S. Internet Users Tweet

19 percent of all U.S. Internet users now use either Twitter or smaller services, such as Yammer, to share social updates.

10.22.09 - Google, Microsoft's Bing to Include Twitter in Search

Both Microsoft and Google announced Wed. that they will start to integrate Twitter messages into search results

10.20.09 - Online Ads Not Working for You? Blame the Creative

Latest Dynamic Logic Study Finds Obsession Over Optimization, Placement Is Less Important

10.17.09 - Twitter co-founder's 'Square' comes into focus

Mobile commerce spreads with Square - a little hardware add-on that can turn an iPhone into a credit card reader.

10.16.09 - 10 SEO tips for YouTube

iMediaConnection's Drew Hubbard shares 10 SEO tips for YouTube you shouldn't overlook.

10.15.09 - Google CEO: Worst of Recession 'Behind Us'

Google sees bright spots in auto, insurance, android and YouTube as 3rd quarter reports a 27% increase in profit

10.14.09 - 7 fixes for terrible subject lines

Think personalization in subject lines is the way to go? Think again. Find what else can leave your newsletter overlooked.

10.12.09 - 4 reasons to shut up on Twitter

Check out a few examples when it is best that you do not reach for your phone or double-click on your Twitter client of choice.

10.12.09 - Bing Gains Advertising Dollars in Addition to Traffic

Agencies Report Big Jump in Search Spending in the Third Quarter

10.08.09 - Hosting service helps Web designers stay in control?

Konductor Software used Adobe's AIR runtime for a CMS app included in its hosting service that lets designers and their clients work together

10.07.09 - Bing vs. Google: What's better for advertisers?

Growing fast and working hard to pull users from Google, Bing might be the next big hit for advertisers

10.07.09 - Why a Good Unsubscribe Experience Is Important

For the email marketer that tends to forget the basics and importance of the unsubscribe link

10.05.09 - Adobe Flash apps come to iPhone--sort of

Not what every user was expecting, but great news for developers and brands. Easier apps = lower mobile stimulation costs.

10.02.09 - 1-800-Flowers blooms with Facebook transactions

Retailer 1-800-Flowers is increasingly finding social media as an ideal place to connect with customers.

10.01.09 - How to get the most out of your SEO budget

iMediaConnection's Craig Macdonald shares some interesting SEO budget tips for any campaign.

10.01.09 - New Site up - enjoy!

New site up - enjoy!

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03.22.10 - Google moves Chinese search to Hong Kong

Google has shut down its Google.cn site and is redirecting users to Google.com.hk

03.22.10 - Amazon takes on Apple, Barnes & Noble w/ Kindle app 4 iPad

Amazon announces that more than 450,000 Kindle books will be available for the iPad when Apple's tablet arrives on April 3

03.22.10 - Apple adds Gift this App option to App Store

More revenue for the apps department - buy an app for a friend

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